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Tri-Valley Real Estate Market Report

Consumer confidence is still soaring, and buyers continue to push aside concerns regarding recent financial market volatility, federal tax law changes affecting Bay Area homeowners, and interest rate increases, to fuel strong markets throughout the Tri-Valley area. In Q1 2018, the Tri-Valley median house sales price of $939,500 was 7.3% above the Q1 2017 price …

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Bay Area Real Estate Market Cycles

Bay Area Real Estate Market Cycles – Lots of factors affect the cycles, some specific to market areas. Bottom line, the economy mends, populations change, inflation accumulates over time, and the repressed demand of those who want to own their own homes jumps back and home prices begin to rise again. As long as our local market demand exceeds supply, they will likely continue on the rise, short of any significant changes in the economy.  » Read more about: Bay Area Real Estate Market Cycles  »

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Economic Context Factors Underlying Housing Markets

Happy Spring! Hope you had a great Easter/Passover holiday.

We all know there are many cogs in the economy that play into our Bay Area Real Estate Markets. 

Let’s take an overview look at some of these:

SF Population Trends & Growth/California Migration Trends/Our Pipeline of Construction/Interest Rates/Consumer Confidence

IPOs & Financial Markets/Median Rents and Household Income, & more.  » Read more about: Economic Context Factors Underlying Housing Markets  »

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