Marin County Home Price Appreciation since 2011

While waiting for the 2016 real estate market to really wake up and start generating useful statistical data, below is a look at Marin County house and condo values over the past 5 years, broken out by city and town. In most areas, the market bottomed out in 2011, the current market recovery began in 2012, and new peak values reached in 2015.

Important context: Median sales price is a general statistic, often concealing an enormous variety of values in the underlying individual sales. It can be and often is affected by other factors besides changes in fair market value, such as major changes in the distressed property, luxury home, or new-home construction segments. Sometimes median prices fluctuate without great significance: Substantially different groups of homes (larger, smaller, older, newer, etc.) simply sold in the periods being compared. Assessing appreciation by changes in dollar per square foot values, instead of by changes in median sales prices, can sometimes deliver significantly different appreciation rates.

Marin County HOUSE Price Changes 2011 to 2015

1 2

Marin County CONDO Price Changes 2011 to 2015

3-1 We have also updated our charts showing longer term appreciation trends in Marin County communities and 2015 sales activity in its regions (southern, central and central-northern Marin). If you would like our chart on a city not included in the sampling below, please call or email. 4-1 5-1 6-1 7-1

2015 Sales by Price Segment & County Region  10 11 12

Our recent, general survey of the 2015 Marin real estate market: 2015 Marin & Wine Country Real Estate Report

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