Where should we live in San Francisco?

San Francisco is a City of Neighborhoods

San Francisco is a City of Neighborhoods, rich in diversity and culture, adorned with San Francisco’s historic architecture, cable cars, beautiful parks and endless outdoor activities, as well as a vast array of intellectual pursuits such as world class museums, the ballet, the opera, great schools, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, making its properties some of the most sought after in the world. Every inch of San Francisco is now considered a worthwhile investment for those who can afford it. Our City is comprised of more than 75 neighborhoods within its 7-square mile area. Here’s a quick overview map of our SF Realtor Districts and Sub-Districts. Now that you have an overview, here are some videos for each of the Districts.
The value statistics in this map are generalities based on a specific time window, and may be affected by a variety of factors: average home size (which can vary widely by neighborhood); current buyer profile; inventory available to purchase; interest rates; big changes in the new-construction, distressed or luxury-home market segments; and other economic and market factors. How these values apply to any particular property is unknown without a specific comparative market analysis.
For more detailed info, there are links below providing specific neighborhood, demographic, and historical trend analysis. I look forward to meet you to address any questions you have regarding your real estate needs as a buyer or seller. I’m proud to say “I Love What I Do”, after almost 30 years working with my fellow REALTORS and clients in this wonderful City by the Bay.

Neighborhood Videos by District

Our local San Francisco Association of Realtors has produced neighborhood videos divided into the 10 real estate districts within the city of San Francisco, and feature each area’s unique architectural and historical elements as well as an array of transportation, dining and shopping options. Click on the links below.

San Francisco A Magical City

District 1 Central West

District 2 Central West

District 3 Southwest

District 4 Twin Peaks West

District 5 Central

District 6 Central North

District 7 North

District 8 Northeast

District 9 Central East

District 10 Southeast

Now that you have a general understanding of our neighborhoods in San Francisco, here’s a great go-to source to dig into the neighborhood details -including current news, food, arts, shopping, exercise, nearby parks, and more! Just click on the neighborhood by name and have fun exploring.  

Let’s Explore The North Bay

Here’s a current snapshot of the local markets in the North Bay

Let’s Explore The East Bay

Here’s a current snapshot of the local markets in the East Bay