San Francisco Home Prices, Market Conditions & Trends October 2021

As we step into October, looking back, we experienced the typical seasonal slowdown in summer after the super-heated spring selling season; new listings came surging back on the market in September to fuel the autumn selling season.

Every Bay Area County peaked in its year-over-year appreciation rate in May-July 2021. August/September 2021 increases are on top of significant increases occurring at the same time last year when post-pandemic home-price surges got underway in most counties. Condo prices did not see commensurate appreciation rates during this period, but recently, that market segment has increased activity.

As you review this update, we welcome you contact us with any market questions, a market evaluation of your home’s current value, or any local or out-of-state real estate needs. If you are thinking of relocation or investment in another area, now is an excellent time to start planning. And we are happy to provide you with the professional resources to achieve your goals.

Given the limited market inventory, we expect the market to hold firm in many local market areas into the coming year. Any questions specific to your property or one you are admiring online, let us know. We’d love to assist you and your friends.

We wish you a safe, healthy October.

Warm Regards,

Callista & RicRoc

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