San Francisco September 2021 Report: Sales, Prices, Trends
Greetings and let’s all welcome the Fall market. If you are thinking of buying or selling in the coming months, or into early next year, now is a good time to start planning as vendors and other service providers are busy and will continue to book out their time for our clients, so always good to get a head start on your planning. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your needs. Given the limited market inventory, we expect the market to hold strong in many local market areas into the coming year and will continue to update you on market activity. Any questions specific to your property or one you are admiring online, let us know.

We hope you are all safe and we’d love to catch up with you sometime soon.

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Economists generally believe there should be a rational equilibrium in the cost of housing of different housing types. But after the pandemic hit, supply and demand shifted dramatically: SF median house prices are now up 13%, condo prices are flat, and rents down 17%. However, in 2021 all 3 have been rebounding in close to parallel trend lines.

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